A Rag Blues

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A Rag Blues-Buddy Boy Hawkins
Buddy Boy Hawkins, spoken narration and guitar in Spanish tuning

SPOKEN: Now this here's "A Rag" I'm playin'. This here's my rag. I brought all the way from Jackson, Mississippi. Some people don't know what this rag is, I'm the only man that can play this here rag, called that "A Rag". Tell me what makes the Jackson girls shimmy-wobble. That's called that chock-house. Here what makes all the girls feel good. Listen here, let me do this here, listen to this run. Now listen here again. That's what you call that "Terrible Rag", I'm got now. I lost the other rag. Here we'll get happy now. Gettin' happy. What you call that Jackson "A Rag".

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