Beggin' Back

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Beggin' Back (2016-4) – Blind Lemon Jefferson
Chicago c. August 1926, Pm 12394
C position pitched at Eb

Oh, my baby, take me back.
Why won't take me back?

Listen here, mama, I'll be good.
Make your fire and cut your wood.

When I had you, you wouldn't do.
I got another and I don't want you.

Oh, go on old joker, every time it gets cold,
You commence to beggin' me to take you back.
You know I don't care anything for you.
Why do you worry me so?
You treats me like, like you uhh fixin' to leave me now.
Baby, now I wants to tell you, you ain't been actin' right for the last thirty days.
Now, and when I come home after noon my meals is not ready.
And you know how I'm a man who can't stand such as that.
I want to eat when eating time comes.
And shu- sugar, now listen here, you sure is worrying my mind.
I want you to stop that because you gon', you gonna find everything outdoors.

Every evening, half past eight,
I'm laying around rich man's gate.

Workin' and studying, thinkin' out the plan.
How to get that biscuit out that rich man's hand.

Rich man's hand, rich man's hand.
How to get that biscuit out the rich man's hand.

Listen women, tell me what in the world is the matter with you.
You is actin' awful funny, gal, you actin' plumb naughty.
Now listen, I'm gonna tell you one thing, I ain't gonna tell you no more.
You've gotta use a new system, baby, the way you've been actin' the last thirty days.
Now, if you don't, tonight when you come home you'll find a moon[1] wagon
At your gate and your clothes at the front gate,
And the man sittin' up there, Lord, he wont quit.
And, honey that's all.

You needn't think, babe, 'cause you're black,
I ain't gonna beg you to take me back.

Then I went a-walkin' down the line,
To see would this woman change her mind.

She turned round two or three times.
"Take you back in the winter time."


  1. MOON wagon I take to be that used in a 'moonlight flitting', where households vanish overnight, usually to avoid huge debts. R.R. MacLeod

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