Blind Boy Fuller Guitar Keys and Positions

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compiled by John Cowan


I've listed these songs by Blind Boy Fuller as they are on the Document Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, separated by volume. After the title is the position of the chord forms he is playing and then the pitch. So a song played out of the C position pitched at D means the capo is used at 2nd fret. Some songs pitched lower than standard, so a song played out of E position and pitched at Eb means the guitar is in standard tuning, tuned down a half step. For the three songs in Vestapol, I put the key that it was tuned to (Vestapol @ Eb). You could arrive at it by tuning or tuning and capo, as you prefer. In one or two cases I even got so bold as to suggest what position the second guitar was playing out of.

Rarely are the recordings right on key. Sometimes when it was particularly sharp, I indicated with a (') after the key or capo position. I hope this list might help some of you over the hump and get you figuring out some of these very fun arrangements.

Volume 1

TrackTitlePosition/tuning Pitch
1 Baby, I Don't Have To Worry C+4 E
2 I'm A Rattlesnakin' Daddy A+4 C#
3 I'm Climbin' On Top of the Hill E+5 A
4 Ain't It a Crying Shame E+5 A
5 Looking For My Woman A+5 D
6 Rag Mama Rag (unissued) C+5 F
7 Rag Mama Rag C+5 F
8 Baby, You Gotta Change Your Mind C+5 F
9 Evil Hearted Woman G+3 A#
10 My Brownskin Sugar Plum C C
11 Somebody's Been Playing with that Thing A A
12 Log Cabin Blues C+1 C#
13 Log Cabin Blues (unissued) C+1 C#
14 Homesick and Lonesome Blues Vestapol @ Eb Eb
15 Walking My Troubles Away E+2 F#
16 Walking My Troubles Away (unissued) E+2 F#
17 Black and Tan A+3 C
18 Keep Away from My Woman G+2' A
19 Keep Away from My Woman (unissued) G+3 A#
20 Babe You Got to Do Better E+3 G
21 Big Bed Blues C+3 D#
22 Truckin' My Blues Away C+3' D#
23 (I Got a Woman Crazy for Me) She's Funny That Way C+3 D#
24 Cat Man Blues (unissued)

Volume 2

Track Title Position/tuning Pitch
1 Cat Man Blues (take 2) A+2 B
2 When Your Gal Packs Up and Leaves E+3 G
3 Mama Let Me Lay It On You G+2? A
4 If You Don't Give Me What I Want C+3 D#
5 Boots and Shoes E+3 G G
6 Trucking My Blues Away No. 2 (take 1) C+1 C#
7 Trucking My Blues Away No. 2 (take 2) C+1 C#
8 Sweet Honey Hole E+1 F
9 Untrue Blues A+1 Bb
10 Tom Cat Blues E E
11 My Baby Don't Mean Me No Good E+1 F
12 Been Your Dog D D-sharp(+)
13 My Best Gal Gonna Leave Me G+1 G#
14 Wires All Down G+2 A
15 Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon G+1 G#
16 Death Alley C+1 C#
17 Mamie (take 1) A A
18 Mamie (take 2) A+1 A#
19 New Oh Red! C+3 E-1 Eb
20 If You See My Pigmeat A+1 A#
21 Stingy Mama A+1 A#
22 Why Don't My Baby Write to Me E+1 F
23 Some Day You're Gonna Be Sorry E+1 F
24 You Never Can Tell

Volume 3

TrackTitlePosition/tuning Pitch
1 Put You Back in the Jail C+1
2 Walking and Looking Blues G+1 G#
3 Bulldog Blues A+1 A#
4 Where My Woman Usta Lay A+1 A#
5 Working Man Blues D+1' D#
6 Weeping Willow A+3 C
7 Corrine What Makes You Treat Me So A+2 G
8 Stealing Bo-Hog A+1 A#
9 Worried and Evil Man Blues G+1 G#
10 Bull Dog Blues A A
11 Break of Day Blues A+1 A#
12 Oh Zee Zas Rag C+1 C#
13 Throw Your Yas Yas Back in Jail C+1 C#
14 Snake Woman Blues C+1 C#
15 Mojo Hidin' Woman A+1 A#
16 Steel Hearted Woman E+2 F#
17 Ain't No Gettin' Along A+1 A#
18 Careless Love A+2 B
19 New Louise Louise Blues E+2 F#
20 Mistreater, You're Going to Be Sorry E+4 G#
21 Bye Bye Baby Blues E+3 G
22 Looking for My Woman, No. 2

Volume 4

TrackTitlePosition/tuning Pitch
1 Shaggy Like A Bear G+2 A
2 Ten O'clock Peeper A+2 B
3 Hungry Calf Blues A+2 B
4 Too Many Women Blues A+2 B
5 Oozin' You Off My Mind C+2 D
6 Shake That Shimmy C+2 D
7 Heart Ease Blues C+2 D
8 I'm Going To Move (To The Edge Of Town) E+3 G
9 Pistol Slapper Blues G G
10 Mean And No Good Woman A-1 Ab
11 Georgia Ham Mama A-2 G
12 Piccolo Rag C-2 Bb
13 Funny Feeling Blues E-2 D
14 Painful Hearted Man D-2 C
15 You've Got To Move It Out E E
16 Mama Let Me Lay It On You No.2 G G
17 Meat Shakin' Woman C-1 B
18 I'm A Good Stem Winder A-1 Ab
19 What's That Smells Like Fish C+1' C#
20 She's A Truckin' Little Baby C+1' C#
21 Jivin' Woman Blues C+1' C#
22 You're Laughing Now

Volume 5

TrackTitlePosition/tuning Pitch
1 Stop Jivin' Me Mama E+1 F
2 Long Time Trucker A A
3 Big House Bound A' A
4 Flyin' Airplane Blues E+1 F
5 Get Your Yas Yas Out C+2 D
6 Jitterbug Rag G+3 A#
7 Screaming and Crying Blues G+2 A
8 Blacksnakin' Jiver C+1 C#
9 I Don't Care How Long Vestapol @ E E
10 You've Got Something There C+1 C#
11 Baby Quit Your Low Down Ways(take 1) G+4 B
12 Baby Quit Your Low Down Ways(take 2) G+4 B
13 It Doesn't Matter Baby G+3 A#
14 Black Bottom Blues C+3 D#
15 I Crave My Pig Meat G+3 A#
16 Big Leg Woman Gets My Pay E+3 G
17 I'm a Stranger Here Vestapol @ F F
18 Red's Got the Piccolo Blues C+2 D
19 I Want Some of Your Pie E+1 F
20 Jivin' Big Bill Blues E+1 F
21 Woman You Better Wake Up A A
22 Step It Up and Go G G
23 Worn Out Engine Blues

Volume 6

TrackTitlePosition/tuning Pitch
1 Blue and Worried Man E E
2 Passenger Train Woman E+4 G#
3 Shake It, Baby C+1 C#
4 Somebody's Been Talkin' A+2 B
5 Three Ball Blues A+2 B
6 Little Woman You're So Sweet Vestapol @ D D
7 Harmonica Stomp E E
8 Good Feeling Blues E E
9 You Can't Hide from the Lord C C
10 Twelve Gates to the City G G
11 Crooked Woman Blues D D
12 I Don't Want No Skinny Woman E E
13 Bus Rider Blues E E
14 You Got to Have Your Dollar E E
15 Lost Lover Blues A A
16 Thousand Woman Blues A+1 A#
17 Bye Bye Baby E E
18 When You Are Gone G G
19 No Stranger Now C C
20 Must Have Been My Jesus A A
21 Jesus Is a Holy Man A+1 A#
22 Precious Lord G G
23 Night Rambling Woman G G

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