Blood Red River-Bill Jackson

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Blood Red River-Bill Jackson
E position, standard tuning on a 12-string guitar

Now, which-a way, which-a way, does the Blood Red River run?
From my back window, babe, to the rising sun

Now, some says it runs east, now some says it runs west
But I believe to my soul, baby, it runs straight up and down


Now the Red River, Red River, is so long, deep and wide
I wanta see my baby, stand on that other side

Well, I looked down the road, just as far as I could see
'Nother man had my woman and the weary blues had me

I'm gonna buy me a razor, with a great long shiny blade
I'm gonna cut my initials in my baby's face

I'm gonna buy me a shotgun, just as long as I am tall
I'm gonna shoot that man, just to see him fall


Oh, three ways to Richmond, two ways to Baltimore
By the Norfolk & Western, and that C & O

Now if I live, and I don't get killed
I'm gonna make my home down in Jacksonville


I'm gone, going to the river, in a brand new rocking chair
If the blues overtake me, gonna rock on away from here

Now, look, here woman, look what you done done
Done made me love you, now your man done come


If you don't, b'lieve I'm sinkin', look what a hole I'm in
If you don't b'lieve I love you, look what a fool I've been

Red River, Red River, is so long, deep and wide
Can't see my baby, standin' on that other side

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