Blue and Worried Man

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Blue and Worried Man-Blind Boy Fuller
Fuller, guitar in E position, standard tuning and vocal, Sonny Terry, harmonica, and Bull City Red, washboard

Hey, hey, baby, what is you tryin' to do?
Hey, hey, what is you tryin' to do?
Yeah, you're tryin' to quit me but that's all right for you

Aw, looky-here, mama, see what you done done
Done made me love you, now your man done come

SOLO (Spoken: Play it a long time! Yeah!)

My baby wears a hat, then again she wears a tam
She got great big legs and they shaped like Georgia ham

I dreamed last night that the woman I love was dead
When I woke up, I was talkin' all out of my head

SOLO (Spoken: Yeah!)

Hey, hey, baby, what are you tryin' to do?
Says, hey, hey, what is you tryin' to do?
Says, the way you treat me is comin' back home to you

Just as sure as one and, I say, two is three
My man laid his head where mine, oh, ought to be


Now if you lose your money, baby, please don't lose your mind
If you lose your little woman, please don't you fool with mine

SOLO (Spoken: Yeah!)

Then I don't see why m' baby don't write to me
Said, I don't see why my baby won't write to me
Said, I'm very deep lonesome, blue as a man can be

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