Boll Weevil Blues

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Boll Weevil Blues-Jaybird Coleman
Harmonica in Bflat

Boll weevil, boll weevil, you think you treat me wrong
Eat up all of my cotton, you done started on my corn

Done stomped down my cotton, Lawd, found my new-ground corn
If you don't let me have it, down the road I'm goin'

Boll weevils got mustache, boll weevils got hands
Sometimes they're walkin's in the tall canes, just lie a natch'l man

Boll weevil told the farmer, "Needn't push so hard.
I'm gonna eat your cotton, you can't plant it in your yard."

Boll weevil want to stay here, didna wear no clothes
At the end of your cotton patch, take it row by row

Boll weevil went away, Lawd, and left this stand
"Now, I'll pay you back, farmer, soon as you break your land."

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