Boots And Shoes

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Boots And Shoes-Blind Boy Fuller
Blind Boy Fuller, vocal and guitar in E position, standard tuning, Floyd Council, guitar in A position, standard tuning


Goin' in the bottom, you can, bring my boots and shoes
Yeah, hey, bring my boots and shoes
You can tell by that, gal, got no time to lose

Now it's a mean old engine, took my gal and left me standing here
Hey, hey mama, left me standing here
Got no one to love me, have no one to care

Sun gwonna shine in, my back door someday
Hey, hey, my back door someday
And that wind's gwine rise and blow my troubles away (Spoken: Yeah!)


Told you, gal, when, you was treatin' me mean
Hey, hey, you was treat'n' me mean
I'm gwonna leave you here and goin' back to New Orleans

I'm gon' tell you something, mama, you don't know
Yeah, hey, mama, you don't know (Spoken: Boy, you don't)
When I quit you this time, says I don't need you no more (Spoken: Yeah!)


The woman I love, she got dimples in her jaw
Yeah, hey, she got, dimples in her jaw
Say, she carry the kind of lovin', make a little man fall

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