Casey Bill Weldon Guitar Keys

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Casey Bill Weldon Guitar Keys
compiled by Richard

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Document Records Casey Bill Weldon: Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Volumes 1 to 3

1-01Clock struck fourAb
1-02Doctor bluesC
1-03Race horse fillyBb
1-04What’s matter with my milk cowG
1-05My stove won’t workC
1-06Somebody changed the lock #1C
1-07Long eared muleBb
1-08Somebody’s been talking to youC
1-09Howlin dog bluesC
1-10Your wagons worn outC
1-11Come on down to my houseE
1-12Brown skin mamaE
1-13Street walking bluesA
1-15Somebody changed the lock #2C
1-17Flood water blues No1A
1-18Flood water blues No2 #1A
1-19Flood water blues No2 #2A
1-20Let me be your butcherC
1-21I got a letter this morningC
1-22I’m a stranger in your townC
1-23Has my gal been hereEb
1-24Blues everywhere I goC
1-25Somebody’s got to goC
2-01Casey Blues C
2-02I’m a bad luck manBb
2-03Just as well let her goC
2-04Keyhole Blues#1C
2-05Streamline woman #1Bb
2-06Streamline woman #2Bb
2-07Talking to myselfC
2-08Big Katy AdamC
2-09Two timing womanG
2-10Big Bills bluesC
2-11You talk in your sleep #1G
2-12You talk in your sleep #2G
2-13I believe I’ll make a changeC
2-14The big boatG
2-15Can’t you rememberEb
2-16Jinx bluesGb
2-17Gonna take my timeC
2-18Outskirts of townC
2-19Back door bluesC
2-20Front door blues #1C
2-21Front door blues #2C
2-22Oh Red C
2-23You waited too longD
2-24Round and round #1Bb
2-25Round and round #2Bb
3-01Give me another shotC
3-02I’ll get a break someday #1A
3-03I’ll get a break someday #2A
3-04Sold my soul to the DevilF
3-05I’ve been trickedBb
3-06No good womanG
3-07Guitar swing #1C
3-08Guitar swing #1C
3-09Walking in my sleepBb
3-10Sales ladyC
3-11Lady Doctor C
3-12New WPAG
3-13You shouldn’t do thatG
3-14Rooster bluesC
3-15Spider bluesBb
3-16Go ahead buddyC
3-17Red hot bluesG
3-18Worried about that womanD
3-19You’re laughing nowG
3-20New Round and roundC
3-21Christmas time bluesBb
3-22I believe you’re cheating on meBb
3-23Way down in LouisianaBb
3-24You gotta do your dutyBb
3-25Midnight bluesBb

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