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Casey Jones-Mississippi John Hurt
G position, standard tuning


Casey Jones was an old engineer
He told his fireman to not to fear
"All I want, give my water and my coal,
Look out the window, see my drive wheel roll."

Early one morning, came a shower of rain
'Round the curve, I seen a passenger train
In the cabin, it was Casey Jones
He's an old engineer, but he's dead and -


Casey's wife, she got the news
Setting on the bedside, she was lacing up her shoes
Said, "Go way, children, and hold your breath
Gonna draw a pension at your Daddy's death."


"Children, children, get your hat."
"Mama, oh Mama, what you mean by that?"
"Get your hat, put it on your head.
Go down in town see if your Daddy's dead."


Casey said, before he died,
"Fix the blind so the bums can't ride.
If they ride, let them ride the rod.
Trust thei' lives in the hands of God."

Casey said, before he died,
One more road that he want to ride
People wonder, "What road could that be?"
"The Colorado and the Santa Fe"

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