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Recommended Listening

Banjo Ikey Robinson In Chronological Order 1929 - 1937, Document Jazz Perspective Series CD, JPCD-1508-2
Frankie (Half-Pint) Jaxon, Vol. 1, 1926 - 1929, Document 5000 Series CD, DOCD-5258
Jabbo Smith & his Rhythm Aces: 1929 - The Complete Set, Retrieval CD, RTR79013
Herman Chittison: 1933 – 1941, Classics CD, Classics 690
Clarence Williams: Thriller Blues 1930-1941, Frog CD, DGF57
Clarence Williams & His Orchestra: Vol. 1 (1933-1934), Timeless Historical CD, CBC1056

Recommended Viewing

Louie Bluie (1985): Documentary by Terry Zwigoff

Recommended Reading

Carr, Peter: The Ikey Robinson Story, pp. 12-100, Storyville 2002-3, 242 p., Chigwell, Essex 2003
Robinson, Ikey with Carr, Peter: Ikey Robinson On His Recordings, pp. 150-153, 222, Storyville 2002-3, 242 p., Chigwell, Essex, 2003
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Lyrics transcribed to date are on the Category:Banjo Ikey Robinson Lyrics index page.

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