Coffee Pot Blues

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Coffee Pot Blues-Papa Charlie Jackson
E position, standard tuning

You can always tell, when your good gal don't want to be seen
'Cause your meals ain't ready, the house is never clean

Just like huntin' for a needle buried in a bed of sand
That is to find a woman hasn't got no man

Three barrels of the whiskey, mama, four barrels of gin
She said, "The headknocker's home, daddy, and you can't come in."

It was early one morning, just at the close of four
When Charlie Smith knocked on Evelyn's door

She jumped up, sweet babe, tipped on across the floor
Hollerin', "Long tall daddy, don't you knock no more."

It was in the loving kitchen, where they made the plot
For to poison her father and her mother in the coffee pot

Then they carried the remains, throwed it out in the yard
Killed fifteen chickens and wound that prattling dog

Policeman said to Freddie, "What do you know about this?"
Say, "I guess you'd have to go arrest poor Charlie Smith."

Then they carried poor Charlie, put him behind the bars
Give him thirty-nine days, mama, and that ain't all

Poor Evelyn's in jail, with her back turned to the wall
Hollerin', "Cruel kind daddy, you know you the cause of it all."

I'm gonna sing this time, ain't gonna sing no more
'Cause my throat's got dry, to where my tonsils sore

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