Cole Younger

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Cole Younger
Banjo in gDGBD tuning, key of G

I am a noted bandit, Cole Younger is my name
To many a death procession, my friends I brought to shame

The robbing of the Northfield bank's a thing I can't deny
Now I'm a poor prisoner, in the Stillwater jail I lie

The first of my many robberies I will relate to you
Was a poor Californian miner and the same will surely rue

I take from him his money and I told him go his way
The same will check my conscience until my dying day

I went home and my brother Bob did say,
"We'll buy-a fine horses and together ride away."

We started out for Texas, that good old Lone Star State
All on the New P-rairie, there the James Boys met

With knives and revolvers, we all set out to play
A-drinking good corn whiskey, boys, to pass the time away

The Union Pacific we first did surprise
The murdering of your own heart's blood would bring tears to your eyes

But Bob was shot and wounded, all in Northfield he did lie
All on the New P-rairie, there the bullion lie

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