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Here are the steps for creating individual Lyrics articles in Weeniepedia.

NOTE: Before entering Lyrics on Weeniepedia, we ask that you post them on the forum or ensure the version you are adding has been vetted on the forum.

  1. Use the Search form to see if the article exists already. The "Go" button searches for article names as opposed to the "Search" button, which performs a key word search. We want to use the Go button. Use the complete title: e.g., Rolled From Side to Side Blues and not Rolled From Side to Side. If there are no results, you will see the message "There is no page titled 'Rolled From Side to Side Blues'. You can create this page." Click create this page.
  2. You will be brought to the Edit Box. This is where you enter your lyrics. You can paste the lyrics in from the forum or a file from your computer.
  3. Bold the title and artist name by selecting that text and clicking the Bold BBC button at the top of the Edit Box. To enter the Wikitext for Bold manually, you add three apostrophes before and after the text you want to appear in bold. It will look like this in the Edit Box:
    '''Rolled From Side to Side Blues - Little Hat Jones'''
  4. You will need to use the html tag <BR> or <BR /> at the end of each line to create line breaks. The tag is not case sensitive: <br> achieves the same thing. Use two <BR> tags to create an extra blank line between verses. Your text will look like this in the Edit Box:
    Mr Freddie, Mr. Freddie is a man that you womenfolks know<BR>
  5. Add a link back to the original forum thread at the end of the lyric. Click the External Link BBC button at the top of the Edit Box. It will add the following to your text: [ link title]. Replace with the URL of the forum thread. For example, the URL for the Little Hat Jones Lyrics thread on the forum is Replace link title with the phrase Go to the original forum thread. Your complete Wikitext will look like this:
    [ Go to the original forum thread]
  6. Add any notes on alternative hearings, meanings etc. Please refer to the Adding Notes section of the User Guide.
  7. Add Category tags. You need to add two Category tags: one for Lyrics and one for the Artist Name Lyrics. In our Little Hat Jones example, we'd add the tags [[Category:Lyrics]] and [[Category:Little Hat Jones Lyrics]] at the bottom of the page.
  8. Preview your page. Click the Show preview button at the bottom of the Edit Box. This will show you what your page looks like so you can correct any errors.
  9. Save your page. Click the Save page button. Your page is now on Weeniepedia.
  10. Don't worry about making mistakes. They can easily be fixed.

The "Lyrics by Artist" Category

In order for your page to be picked up by the Lyrics by Artist index, there are a couple extra steps.

  1. Check the Category:Lyrics by Artist index for your Artist and the lyric you just added. If they appear in the index, you're done. If they do not, you can do the following to add them.
  2. On your newly created lyric page, look for the Category links at the bottom. If the Artist Name Lyrics Category (e.g. Little Hat Jones Lyrics) appears in red, it means the category does not yet exist. Click the red link to create the category. In the blank Edit Box, add the Category tag [[Category:Lyrics by Artist]]. Save the page. Your Artist should now appear in the index.
  3. If the Artist Name Lyrics Category appears in brown, and your Artist is still not appearing in the Category:Lyrics by Artist, it means the Category is missing a tag. Go to the Category, click the Edit tab at the top of the page, and add the tag [[Category:Lyrics by Artist]].


  • The BBC buttons at the top of the page save you typing and time.

  • To add the <BR> tags to the ends of lines quickly, use an HTML editor that can automate the process. For instance, The free software HTML-Kit has an "add <br> to end-of-lines" function. Select your entire lyric, click the Tools tab, then Text, and choose "add <br> to end-of-lines". No typing required.

  • When linking back to the original forum thread, you can make your link even more specific for long threads: for example the Blind Lemon Jefferson Lyrics thread or Frank Stokes thread. Each thread on the forum has an item ID in the URL. The full URL for the Blind Lemon Jefferson Lyrics thread is, which will take you to the first page of the thread. However, that thread is currently 21 pages long. To link directly to an individual post for a specific song within a thread, go to the original post or final transcription of the song within the thread, click that post's title, and the URL in your browser's location bar will change to include the message ID at the end. You can then copy and paste the URL into your Wikitext. For instance, to create link directly to the post for "Black Horse Blues" within the Blind Lemon lyrics thread, you need to 1) click the message title and copy the URL from your location bar. The URL for the specific post is 2) Paste that URL into your Wikitext - [ Go to the original forum thread]. The result will take the user directly to that post.