Devil and My Brown Blues

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Devil and My Brown Blues-Bo Weavil Jackson/Sam Butler
G position, standard tuning

No gypsy woman, no gypsy woman can't fry no meat for me, lordy mama
No gypsy woman can't fry no meat for me
I ain't scared, I'm skittish she might poison me

'Cause I woke up this morning, woke up this morning, heard somebody callin' me, lordy mama
Woke up this morning, heard somebody callin' me
Must've been a weevil, thing they call the stingaree

A bo' weevil's here, a bo' weevil's there, each and, mama's everywhere, the preachers tell me that
Bo' weevil's here, bo' weevil's everywhere
I dreamt a dream last night, it was all in your flour there

The farmer went to the merchant, said, "I want meat and meal", lordy mama
Farmer went to the merchant, says, "I wants meat and meal"
The merchant screamed, "No, no, the bo' weevil's in your field"

Bitin' spider, bitin' spider, crawlin' on the wall, mmm-mmm
Bitin' spider now, crawlin' on the wall
Grinds it nat'ral but he's crazy 'bout his alcohol

I heard a mighty rumblin' down under the ground, lordy mama
Mighty rumblin' way down under the ground
The boll weevil and the devil was t'ievin' with somebody's brown

Said he was low and squatty, said he was cut to speed, lordy mama
He's low and squatty, said he was cut to speed
Says he has everything that a poor bo weevil needs

Now bo' weevil, now bo' weevil, sittin' down on the square, the first time I seen
Mister Bo' Weevil, sittin' down on the square
Next time I seen him, mama, he had his whole family there

Bo' weevil told that farmer, "Buy no Ford machine", lordy mama
He told the farmer not to buy no Ford machine
'Cause he's gonna fix it so he can't buy no gasoline

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