Do It Right

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Do It Right-Pigmeat Pete (Wesley Wilson) & Catjuice Charlie (Harry McDaniel)
F position, standard tuning

When the gal gets old, she wants to be alone,
You left a little work undone at home
CHORUS: Do it right, do it right,
Whatever you're doing, go on, do it right

Whenever you're doing whatever you should
Just do your best to do it good

When you have a fight and you didn't win,
Buy a shotgun, start over again

If your gal comes home, she's feelin' tight,
She wants some lovin' that very night

If you're feelin' bad, 'cause you're on the shelf
Get some rope, go hang yourself

If your gal needs, money, how bad you feel
Get some money if you have to steal

If your wife leaves home every time you do
Somebody outside knows more than you

When your pal buys your gal a Coca-Cola,
You can bet your life he's playing her Victrola

The elephant said when he swallowed the cat,
"Got a mouthful of kitty and it's tight like that."
CHORUS: Do it right, he did it right
Whatever you're doing, go on, do it right

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