Dying Ranger

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Dying Ranger-Dock Boggs
Dock, banjo, tuned gCGBD and vocal, Mike Seeger, guitar in C position, standard tuning

The sun was sinking in the west, and fell with a linger ray
Through the branches of a forest, where a wounded ranger lay
The group that gathered around him, his comrades in the fight
A tear rolled down each manly cheek as he bid his last good night

One tried and true companion was kneeling by his side
To stop the life blood flowing, but alas, in vain he tried
To stop the life blood flowing, he found 'twas all in vain
The tears rolled down each manly cheek like light showers of rain

"Draw closer to me, comrades, and listen to what I say.
I'm a-going to tell a story while my spirit hastens away.
Away back in Northwest Texas, that good old Lone Star State
There's one that's for my coming, with a weary heart, will wait."

"It's a fair young girl, my sister, my only joy my pride.
She was my friend from boyhood, I had no one left beside.
I've loved her as a brother, and with a father's care.
I've strove, from grief and sorrow, her gentle heart to spare."

"But our country was invaded, she called for volunteers.
She threw her arms around me, then bursted into tears,
Saying, "Go, my darling brother, though a stranger from our shore.
My heart may need your presence, but our country needs you more."

"It's true I love my country. For her I gave my all.
If it hadn't've been for my sister, boys, I'd be content to fall.
I'm dying, comrades, dying, she'll never see me more.
But in vain she'll wait my coming, by a little cabin door."

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