East St. Louis Blues

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East St. Louis Blues-Furry Lewis
E position, standard tuning


I walked all the way from East St. Louis town
I did not have but the one poor lousy dime

Lord, I spent every nickel on a particular friend of mine
I spent every nickel on a particular friend of mine

Now, if you ain't got a dollar, won't you give me a lousy dime?
So I can see that darling girl of mine

Lord, my first name's Furry, I ain't gon' tell you my second name
Way my woman treat me, low-down dirty shame

I'm going back to Gary, oh, I'm going back there to stay
Babe, you had no business treating me this-a-way

I know, I know, my woman, she gon' laugh and shout
When the train roll 'long and I come walking out

If you catch me stealing, I do not mean no harm
I'm just stealing, people, try to get along

My woman, she ain't nothin', baby, but skin and bones
I just give her my money, just to help her 'long


I see your toney, and it made me think of mine
I started a conversation, baby, try to keep from crying

If you ever want to hear me, sing this worldly song
Ain't nothing but the devil, make a man do wrong

Fare thee well, fare thee well, fare thee well, old Memphis, Tennessee
I'm going back to my baby, she won't come back to me

Lord, this time, this, 'nother year, baby, where will I be?
This time another year, baby, wonder where will I be?


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