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<b>Floating Bridge</b><br>
<b>Floating Bridge-Sleepy John Estes</b><br>
<b>Self-accompanied, with Hammie Nixon, harmonica</b><br>
<b>Self-accompanied, with Hammie Nixon, harmonica</b><br>

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Floating Bridge-Sleepy John Estes
Self-accompanied, with Hammie Nixon, harmonica

Now I never will forget that floating bridge (3)
Tell me five minutes time under the water I was hid

When I was going down I thowed up my hands
Now, when I was going down, I thowed up my hands (2)
Please, take me on dry land

Now they carried me in the house and they laid me 'cross the bank (3)
"Bout a gallon-and-half muddy water I had drank

They dried me off and they laid me in the bed
Now, they dried me off and they laid me in the bed (2)
Couldn't hear nothin' but muddy water runnnin' through my head

Now, my mother often taught me, "Quit playin' a bum" (2)
Now, my mother often taught me, son, "Quit playin' a bum,
Go somewhere settle down and make a crop"

Now, people standin' on the bridge, screamin' and cryin'
People on the bridge was screamin' and cryin'
Now, the people on the bridge, standin' screamin' and cryin'
"Lord, have mercy where's we gwine?"

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