Four Day Worry Blues

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Four Day Worry Blues - Leadbelly
23 January 1935
ARC 16689-2
Transcribed from Leadbelly King of the 12-String Guitar, Columbia Roots 'N' Blues 467893
12 string in standard down 6 semitones to B flat and played in D position, actual pitch is A flat

Naaaa . . . hey, hey hey
Naaaa . . . Daddy you on my mind
I ain't got but little business[1], Daddy when I am cryin'
Yes I would not been here had it not been for you
Said I would not been here had it not been for you
Treat me low down and dirty, Daddy that's the way you do

Oooooooooh pretty papa . . . Woh!
OooOooooh pretty papa . . . Oh!
Yes I ain't gonna be your low down dog no more
Been your dog, every since I entered your door

[spoken] That was a song, Ena was in the kitchen
She was cookin' my breakfast and I'd been out all night long
And I was so ashamed of myself to hear her standin' in there cryin'
And when she[2] began to cry I'd get up and go and pat her on the shoulder
And here're the words she said: [/spoken]

"Now I'm goin' away to wear you off my mind
I've got the blues Lord, I just can't keep from cryin'
I've got another pretty papa to ease me and to keep me from cryin'"

[spoken] I couldn't stand to hear that, say that word 'bout you had another pretty papa
I had to get up and go in the kitchen and see what is the matter with her.
She commenced to cryin' again: [/spoken]

"NoooOooOoow . . . Daddy what a low down feelin'
NoooOooOoow . . . Daddy what a low down feelin'"
Been my daily occupation, takin' the monkey mens' women

[Instrumental 8 bars out]


  1. 'business' is best guess
  2. He mispronounces 'she' as 're'

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