Frankie Baker-Part 2

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Frankie Baker-Part 2-Emry Arthur
G position, standard tuning

Frankie heard the police coming, she heard the patrol bell ring
But before she left poor Albert, she took his diamond ring
She left her man, Lord, Lord, her gamblin' man

"Turn me over, Doctor, turn me over slow.
Turn me over on my right side, my left side hurts me so.
I'm shot in the side, with a .44."

"Bring on your rubber-tired hearses, bring on your rubber-tired hack
Take my man to the graveyard, but bring his wristwatch back.
He was my man, Lord, Lord, but he done me wrong.

Thirteen men in mourning, thirteen men in black
Went out to the graveyard, and only twelve come back
They left her man, her gamblin' man

Frankie went to the graveyard, all dressed up in black
She fell down over Albert Jones, says, "I wish I had you back,
But you done me wrong, when you wouldn't come home."

Frankie went to the parlor, set down by the 'lectric fan
She advised her three sisters, not to marry no gamblin' man
"They'll do you wrong, every time, and they won't come home."

Frankie looked up the street, as far as she could see
The band was on the corner, playing "Nearer My God To Thee"
She says, "Oh Lord, Lord, Lord, what have I done?"

Frankie looked down the street, as far as she could see
She seen four white horses, says, "They're comin' after me,
'Cause I killed my man, but he done me wrong."

Frankie went to the depot, she got on the fast mail train
She was wearing Albert's wristwatch and a great big diamond ring
She stole them both from her gamblin' man

Now, if you love a girl like Frankie, love her and treat her right
You can go out in the morning, but come back home at night
Then she'll do no harm, but you must come home, Lord, Lord

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