Georgia Land

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Georgia Land-Jimmie Owens
A capella

My gal don't wear button-up shoes
Her feet too big for gaiters
All she's fit for is dip of snuff
And a yella yam potato

Jine her ahead, send her back
Did you ever work on the railroad track?

My dog died, the whooping cough
My mule got distemper
Me and my gal can't get along
She's got a pretty bad temper

Tighten on the back band, loosen on the bow
Who'n the world that's pickin' that banjo so?

You go saddle the old gray mare
And I will plow Old Muley
I'll make a turn 'fore sun goes down
And I'll go back home to Julie

Ride 'er, yo, ride 'er, yo
Got the wagon loaded, let me see you go

Take four wheels to haul a load
Take two mules to pull double
Take me back to Georgia Land,
And I won't be no trouble

(Spoken: WHOA!)

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