Glory Land

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Glory Land-Dock Boggs
Banjo in f#DGAD tuning, key of D

If you have friends in Glory Land,who left because of pain
Thank God, up there they'll die no more, they'll suffer not again


The weep not, friends, I'm going home, up there we'll cry no more
No coffin will be made up there, no graves on that bright shore

The lame will walk in Glory Land, the blind up there will see
The deef in Glory Land will hear and the dumb will talk to me


The doctor will not have to call the undertaker, no
We'll have no pain up there to bear, just walk the streets of gold


We'll need no sun in Glory Land, the moon and stars won't shine
For Christ Himself is light up there, pure rays of love divine


Then look away to that good land, where peace and joy sublime
Shall fill our hearts to brimming o'er, they're shouting all the time


Now won't you mothers meet us there, will all your children, too?
To live in bliss forever more and never say adieu

Then what a land our Lord's prepared, no death, no pain, no care
He made our robes as white as snow and built us mansions there

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