Gonna Tip Out Tonight

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Gonna Tip Out Tonight-Pink Anderson and Simmie Dooley
Anderson and Dooley both playing in G position, standard tuning

Gee, I'm feeling mighty lonesome
Gee, I'm feeling mighty homesome
My girl quit me and I don't know what to do
She even told from the start
If I'd go, I would break her heart
Every time I think about it makes me feel so blue

This morning I receive a note
And this was the answer I wrote, said,

REFRAIN: "Go on, girl, don't sing them blues to me.
I'm just as sweet as any man can be."
She even told me to my face that
Any old rounder sure can take my place, said,
"I'm gettin' tired of your low-down ways,
I'm goin' back to my baby day, so
Go on, girl, honey, you can't bluff,
I'm gonna tip out tonight and I'm gonna strut my stuff, I mean,
I'm gonna strut my stuff."

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