Good-Time Papa

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Good-Time Papa--Gabriel Brown
E position, standard tuning

Yes, I love my good times, that's all I've ever had
Well, to talk about work, it always makes me mad

I've got a house full of whiskey, and I've got some gin
So when I start to drinkin' I can drink any doggone thing

You don't believe I'm right, just come on down the line
Well, I sure don't mind if you see little Brownie sometime


Ah, you may get bossy at each and every chance
But you're supposed to wear the dresses 'cause I'm gonna wear the pants

Now, we can get along, baby, and everything be tops
Now, you can't hate me as long as you love my box


Ah, remember, baby, and treat little Brownie right
We will all get together and ball, ball, ball all night

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