Good Boy, Long Way From Home

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Good Boy, Long Way From Home-Guitar Slim & Jelly Belly
One guitar, E position, standard tuning, the other, G position, standard tuning


I'm a good boy, a good boy, a long, long ways from home
If I ever get back home again, I never leave no more to roam

I got in trouble about my wife, I had to run away from my home
Now I'm all in trouble with the blues, I wonder who's carryin' my home business on

The blood hounds brought me out of Georgia, but the freight train's gon' take me back
Let me come back home, Mr. High Sheriff, I'm up here in Chicago, flat down on my back


I'm gon' write to me Daddy, ask him to send me my railroad fare
Now and if he don't send it I'm goin' to hop the railroad there

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