Good Coffee Blues

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Good Coffee Blues - Funny Papa Smith
D position, standard tuning, slightly sharp

Instrumental introduction

Heard you say this mornin', (mama), that your head was throbbin' through and through. (x2)
Come on let me make you some coffee, let me show you what my cof' 'ill do.

Pull off your house shoes mama (and) lay down on the bed. (x2)
I won't be but a few minutes w'I'll kill that old headache dead.

Don't rise, take your time lady, go down easy 'n' slow (x2)
Then when you have a headache again, come back to me baby and I'll give you some more.

Instrumental verse
Spoken: Your coffee-grindin' papa's in town. Lord that good coffee.

Now Folger makes coffee, Maxwell makes coffee, White Swan makes coffee, Arbuckle he makes coffee.
But I make coffee so good, it will make you bite your tongue.
Been all over the world grindin' coffee mama, come on let me grind you some.

(Now) When your friend want coffee (please) send (all) your friends to me (x2)
I swear I give them good coffee and won't give 'em no rotten tea.

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