Hambone Blues

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Hambone Blues - Ed Bell
E position, standard tuning

Jelly roll, jelly roll, jelly roll is so hard to find
Ain't a baker in town can bake a sweet jelly roll like mine

I got to go to Cincinnatuh, just to have my hambone boiled
Womens in Alabama gon' let my hambone spoil

Well, she mine and she yours, and she's somebody else's, too
Don't you mention 'bout rollin', though, she'll play all sick on you

That's the way, that's the way, these bare-footed strollers do
They will get your money and they'll have a man on you

You come home at night, she got a towel on her head
Don't you mention about rollin', though, she'll swear she's nearly dead

Jelly roll, jelly roll, well, you see what you went and done?
You done had my grandpa, now you got his youngest son

I'm gettin' tired of walkin', I b'lieve I'll slide a while
I'm gettin' tired of women tellin' me their lies

I wonder what made grandpa, hey, love your grandma so?
She got the same jelly roll she had forty years ago

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