Hick's Farewell

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Hick's Farewell-Watson Family
Doc Watson, vocal and guitar in E minor, standard tuning, Gaither Carlton, fiddle

Spoken, Doc: This next tune is an old Christian Harmony song. This was written about a fellow that, uh, went on some missionary work back when the country was being settled into Tennessee, and he took a fever of some sort, and he thought he was gonna die . . . and, and he wrote this song back to his wife in a sort of a letter. It's called 'Hick's Farewell".


The time is swiftly rolling on
When I must faint and die
My body to the dust return
And there, forgotten, lie

The persecutions rage around
When antichrists appear
Beneath the cold and silent ground
There's no disturbance there

My brother preachers, boldly speak
And stand on Zion's wall
Confirm the strong, revive the weak
And after sinners call

Through heat and cold I've toiled and went
And wandered in despair
To call poor sinners to repent
And seek the Savior dear

My little children, near my heart
And nature seems to bind
It grieves me sorely to depart
And leave you all behind

Oh Lord, a father to them be
And keep them from all harm
That they may love and worship thee
And dwell upon thy charm

My loving wife, my bosom friend
The object of my love
The time's been sweet I've spent with thee
My sweet, my harmless dove

Though I must now depart from you
Let this not grieve your heart
For you will shortly come to me
Where we shall never part

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