Hoppin' Toad Frog

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Hoppin' Toad Frog - Funny Papa Smith
G position, standard tuning, pitched at G#

I'm harmless as I can be, I stays out of all peoples way. (x2)
I'm just a little old toad, I'm gonna hop back to my home someday.

I'll hop down in your basement, don't mean to harm a single soul. (x2)
I'll shake all of your ashes, then shovel you in some brand new coal.

I don't have no friend, by myself I'm always on the road. (x2)
Just let me hop for you one time mama and you'll keep me for your little old toad.

Mama would you let a poor little old toad frog hop down in your water pond. (x2)
I'll dive down and come right out and I won't stay in your water long.

I ain't no bottle stopper, I ain't no police copper, I ain't no cradle rocker, you know I ain't the baby's papa.
But I know for my self, in your front yard is where I get my load.
Well you talk you like my hoppin', why don't you keep me for your little toad.

Mama do you know one thing, your water tank is just deep enough. (x2)
I can dive down to the bottom, take my time and then tread right back up.

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