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Hot Dogs (4578-3)- Blind Lemon Jefferson And His Feet
Chicago c. June 1927, Pm 12493
C position pitched at C#

(Feets all right, just now from the doctor.
Give me my box, and let me try 'em again.)

(Told you my feets gonna dance.
These are the hot dogs,
I mean red hot,)

(Now listen to me. My feets never failed on me but once.
That was last Saturday night, down at that booger rooger
On June the Fourth.[1]
That law come in.
I was... I was fairly choked.
He broke up that party.
Everybody got away but me.
My old feets failed on me then,
But you oughta see 'em now)

(Hmm, a rabbit wouldn't have a chance.
Not a ghost of a show.)

(Hey, hey... watch what I'm usin' everybody.)
Lemon's[2] hot dogs movin' all the time

(Ha ha! Don't wear no crutches now.
Throwed 'em 'way last night)

Me and my feets is never late,
Me and my feet just won't wait.

(These not no weary dogs,[3] they are the hottest kind of dogs.
I mean they're steamin' puppies.)

Now on my feet's The Gypsy Hound,
You oughta see me do the Black Bottom now.

(Oh, darn my feets,[4] my feets have went bad on me now.)

(All right folks, turn over the record.
Let me tell you all about these weary dogs of mine.)


  1. June the Fourth, 1927, was a Saturday.
  2. LEMON'S could be HEAR THOSE.
  3. Some discussion is current as to whether this is 'worried' or 'weary' pronounced 'wurry'

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