John Henry-Carl Martin

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John Henry-Carl Martin
Carl Martin, mandolin in G and vocal, Johnny Young, guitar in G position, standard tuning

John Henry was a little man
Settin' on his Papa's knee, and said,
"Drivin' steel on this B & O road,
Gonna cause the death of me,
It's gonna cause the death of me."


John Henry said to his captain,
"A man ain't nothin' but a man.
And before I'll be governed by this steel drill there,
I will die with my hammer in my hand,
I'm gonna die with this hammer in my hand."


John Henry told his steel shaker,
"Shaker you had better pray.
Because if I miss this eagle steel,
Lord, tomorrow be your buryin' day
Lord, tomorrow'll be your buryin' day
Yes, tomorrow be your bury, buryin' day, go buddy,
Tomorrow be your buryin' day


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