Kentucky Blues

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Kentucky Blues - Little Hat Jones
San Antonio, 14 June 1930, Okeh 8815
E position pitched at F

[Introduction, instrumental]

[Instrumental verse]

Well, whilst we here tryin' to have our fun, s'posin' the law jumped up and said "Nobody run!"
Well you know I'm long gone, from Kentucky, long gone, done got away lucky
'Cause I'm gonna leave Seguin, I'll be just like a submarine

Well my woman poked her head out from way under the bed. She said "Please don't let 'em kill Mr. Little Hat dead"
I said "No use to worryin' sweet mama, ain't gonna be here long. Don't want let you sing this worried song,
'Cause I'm gonna leave Seguin, I'll be just like a submarine."

Well I once have knowed the man, they call him Austin Jack, stop and put the bloodhounds right on my track
Course the bloodhounds could not catch my scent. Do you know they couldn't tell where that Little Hat went
'Cause I left Seguin, people I's just like a submarine

[Instrumental verse]

Well yonder come the Santa Fe just puffin' and flying'. Oughta seen me when I reached up and really caught them blind
They said, "There's another long gone, from Kentucky, long gone and then got away lucky
'Cause you left Seguin, you's just like a submarine."

[Instrumental verse]

I'm gonna sing this song, ain't gonna sing no more
[Instrumental lines, x 3]
'Cause I'm leavin' San Antonio, I declare I ain't comin' here no more

Well I don't play the dozen and neither the ten, 'cause you keep on talkin' I'll ease you in
Well, you keep on talkin' 'till you make me mad. Gonna tell you 'bout your mother that your father had
'Cause I don't play the dozen, I declare, man, and neither the ten

[Instrumental verse]


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