Let's Go Riding

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Let's Go Riding-Freddie Spruell
Spruell and Carl Martin, 12 and six-string guitars, respectively, in C position, standard tuning


Now, it's come on, girls, let's go out and have some fun
Want to go out ridin', I can tell you how it's done
We can go out and have a very good time
I'll tell you all about it, now bear it in mind

Want to go ridin', don't have to go far
You fix the blow-outs, I'll drive the car
Dow-dee-dah, dee-dah-doh
Now, explain it to me and tell me, would you like to go?


Now, I told you that I would explain to you how it's done
Now, wouldn't you like to go out ridin', and have some fun?
Now, in case you want to go now, let me know
Here now, tell me, wouldn't you really like to go?

Now, if you want to go with me ridin', we could really have some fun
If you buy the hot dogs, I've got the buns
Now dear, now, can't you go?
Now listen, could you explain it to me, tell me, did you know?


Now you don't have to worry, we ain't so old
Now, if you got the line, I got the pole
Now, tell me, dear, don't you know
We can go out for a good time, would you like to go?


Now, if you ever tell me, 'bout the no (sic)
Tell me, wouldn't you like to go?
Now, you don't have to worry about bein' gone so long
Now, we're gon' have a good time, let's take a blanket along


Ban bee-bop, bee-bop-boh
Now, explain it to me, baby, now, tell me, would you like to go?

Soaps and towels are included, too
No tellin' what goes on if you don't take that with you
Now listen, tell me, dear, what you mean to do
I'll go out ridin' if you will too, sayin'

Weep-woh-woh, weep-bop-boh-boh
(Guitar finishes pass)

Now, come on, baby, we can go out and have some really fun
I told you, you'll get the hot dogs, I'll get the buns
Now, dear, that's what I mean to say
Now, would you go out ridin' with me and have a good time today?, Sayin' now,

Weep-woh-woh, weep-wop-woh-woh
Ban beep-bop-boh, beep-bop-buh-buh

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