Little Omie Wise

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Little Omie Wise-Dock Boggs
Banjo, gCGBD tuning, MIke Seeger, guitar in standard tuning, C position

John Lewis said, "People, I'll tell you no lie,
For the way I murdered little Omie Wise."

He told her to meet him at Adams's Spring
He'd bring her some money and other fine things

Foolishly, she met him at Adams's Spring
He brought her no money, no other fine things

I'll tell you some history and I think it's not too late
Little Omie was murdered the year of eighteen-eight

"John Lewis, John Lewis, I'm afraid of your way.
Your mind is to ramble and lead me astray."

"Little Omie, little Omie, I'll tell you my mind.
My mind is to drownd you and leave you behind."

"Hop up behind me, away we will go,
Down to the river, where the deep waters flow."

She hopped up behind him, away they did go,
Down to the river, where the deep waters flow

He beat her, he banged her, she couldn't hardly speak
He threw her in the river where the water's twenty foot deep

Little Omie was missing, the people did not know
They gathered together, and a-hunting they did go

They rambled, they rambled the whole world around
Poor little Omie had never yet been found

But two little boys was fishing, it was on Wednesday morn
They saw little Omie's body come down in the storm

They threw their net around her and drew her to the bank
Her clothes were wet and muddy and they laid her on a plank

They sent for John Lewis to come and see the sight
He'd murdered his own true lover, and he did not deny it

They hand-cuffed John Lewis, they taken him off to jail
Surround little Omie's body, and taken her to the grave

"My name is John Lewis, a name I'll never deny.
I murdered my own true lover, and now I'm ready to die."

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