Longing Blues

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Longing Blues-Furry Lewis
Spanish tuning, with a slide


Babe, going away, baby, crying won't make me stay
Babe, goin' away, crying won't make me stay
If I had train fare, Lord, I wouldn't be here today

I woke up this morning and blues all 'round my bed
Woke up this morning, blues all 'round my bed
I looked under my pillow, blues all under my head

Boy, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry to my heart
Babe, I'm sorry, sorry to my heart
We've been together so long, now today we got to part


Been together so long, now we've got to part

If you ever want to hear me blow my horn, come to my number when old Stella's gone
If you ever hear me, hear be blow my horn
Come to my number, oh when old Stella's gone

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