Loving Nancy

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Loving Nancy-Dock Boggs
Banjo, tuned f#CGAD

"Good morning, lovin' Nancy, we have met in due time.
I will ask you a question, I hope it's no crime."

"Come and set yourself beside me, so long as you stay."
"So fare you well, Nancy, I'm going away."

"Go put up your horses and feed them some hay."
"So fare you well, Nancy, I'll drive on my way."

"Your wagon's to grease, and your bills is to pay.
So come and sit down 'side me, so long as you stay."

"My wagon's well-greased and my whip's in my hand
So fare you well, Nancy, I'm leaving this land."

So where was I next morning, so soon as I rise
I'll cross in deep waters, with tears in my eyes

To think I must leave her, to see her no more
I left her grieving on the New River shore

Some says I am rude, some says I am rough
Some says I am guilty of many bad crimes

I can prove them all liars by the power above
I am guilty of nothing but innocently love

My Papa don't like me and this well I know
He says I'm not worthy to step in his door

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