Mean Woman Blues

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Mean Woman Blues-Jim Jackson
E position, standard tuning, with Georgia Tom, piano

When a woman loves you, she loves you with all her might
Boys, when she hates you, she don't want you in her sight

Mean woman blues is the worst blues in the world
I know she hates me, but I sure love that girl

I've got eleven dollars and fifty . . . cents
For anyone to tell me where Suzie went

I looked all over the state, but she is not in Tennessee
She's a mean woman, but I want her back with me

I went to St. Louis and I couldn't stay there
I got to thinkin' about Suzie and I can't stay nowhere

Have you ever loved a woman that you said you did not want no more?
But when she starts to leave you, you want her back 'fore she get out of the door

I love this woman, but she worries me all the time
But she is one woman I can't keep off of my mind

SPOKEN: All right, Mr. Georgia Tom, let's hear that piano!

I'll tell you one thing, people, I want you to know
If Suzie ever comes back, I'll never let her leave me no more

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