Mumsy Mumsy Blues

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Mumsy Mumsy Blues-Papa Charlie Jackson
E position, standard tuning

I love my baby better than I do myself
Honey babe, babe, oh babe
And I believe to my soul she’s loving somebody else

Oh Mumsy, Mumsy, Papa do double do love you
Honey babe, babe, oh babe
Your Popsy loves you, don’t care what you do

There’s a big fat woman, with the meat shakin' on her bones
Oh babe, oh babe, honey babe
Every time she shakes her shimmy, another gal loses her home

Hummed verse


Now come here, Mumsy, come here quick, quick, quick
Oh babe, oh babe, oh babe
Come and love your Popsy cause he’s awful sick


I’ve got ‘em 'bout my Mumsy, just can’t help but cry
Honey babe, oh babe, oh babe
If these blue don’t kill me, Lord, I’ll never die

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