My Baby's Doggin' Me

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My Baby's Doggin' Me-Tommy McClennan
C position, standard tuning

Mmmmmm, my baby's doggin' me
Mmmmmm, my baby's doggin' me
I'm gettin' sick and tired of the way my baby's doggin' me

Now she dogged me every mornin', she dogged me late at night
She keep on a-doggin' me, tell me gonna make everything all right
Look-a here, mama, gettin' tired of the way, the way you do
I'm gettin' tired, baby, the way you keep on doggin' me

Now look-a here, mama, tell me where you stay at night
She said, "It ain't none of your business, you know you don't treat me right."
Cryin', oh, babe, you know I don't like the way you do
Yeah, mama, you know you're really doggin' me

Now I done told you once, pretty mama, ain't gon' tell you no more
You can get all my lovin' if you just let him go
I said, look-a here, babe, I'm gettin' tired of the way you're doggin' me
'Cause I love you, pretty mama, better than any woman that I ever seen (Spoken: Play that, man, play it!)

SOLO (Spoken during solo: Yeah! yes-yes)

Mmmmmm, my baby's doggin' me
Mmmmmm, my baby's doggin' me
I love that little old woman, better' n any woman I ever seen
Ahm, be-bop, dee-dah, dee-dee dah dah

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