My Baby's Gone

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My Baby's Gone-Yank Rachell
Rachell, mandolin, with electric slide guitar, bass, drums

My baby gone, my baby’s gone
People, and I will soon be gone myself

If I don't get the woman that I'm lovin'
I don’t love noone else

You know the trouble, the trouble that I'm havin'
People, I brought it all on myself

The trouble that I’m havin'
I brought it all, all on myself

'Cause the woman that I’m lovin'
She in love with someone else

Baby, I promise not to holler
But I b'lieve I’ll m-m-murmur low

An' I promise I wasn't gonna holler
But I b'lieve I’ll m-m-m-murmur low

'Cause my baby she done left me
And she gone with Mr. So, So-and-so

I’m gon' leave, leave here walkin'
Or chance I may catch a drive

I’m gon' leave, gonna leave her walkin'
Or chance is I may catch a drive

'Cause my baby gone, and she left me
And I just ain't got a bond

And I promised that I wasn't gonna holler
Then I b'lieve I’ll m-m-m-murmur low

Because my baby, she gone
And she won’t be back no more

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