My Old Horse Died

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My Old Horse Died-Dock Boggs
Banjo in gDGBD tuning, Mike Seeger, guitar in G position, standard tuning

Won't live right and don't want to live wrong
That's why I b'lieve in the Bible so strong
Wants you all t' unnerstand what I say
Oncet had a fortune but I threw it away

Old horse died and the mule went lame
Lost my cow in a poker game
A cyclone come one summer's day
Blew my house and barn away

Earthquake follered for to make it good
Swallowed the place from the house it stood
The mortgage man, he came around
Hard to lay claim to hole in the ground

Shock was so great, he up and died
Wife and children then wep' and cried
Somep'n was left for the kids and wife
For they have insurance with the Bankers Life

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