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References to artists in song titles, lyrics and callouts. Ghostrider started it, weenies added to it. Heard something we've missed? You can post more to the original forum topic and they will be added to the list. Clicking on an arrow on a column heading will sort the table, click it again to get a descending sequence.
Title refs artistBig Bill BroonzyBig Bill's Blues1928ChicagoParamount
Title refs artistBig Bill BroonzyBig Bill's Milk Cow No. 21934ChicagoBluebird
Title refs artistBlack AceBlack Ace Blues1936Ft WorthARC
Title refs artistBo CarterBo Carter Special1934San AntonioBluebird
Title refs artistBo CarterBo Carter's Advice1935New OrleansBluebird
Title refs artistEli FramerFramer's Blues1929AtlantaVictor
Title refs artistJab JonesPoor Jab Blues1932RichmondChampion
Title refs artistJazz GillumGillum's Windy Blues1938AuroraBluebird
Title refs artistLittle Hat JonesLittle Hat Blues1929San AntonioOkeh
Title refs artistLonnie JohnsonMr Johnson's Blues1925St LouisOkeh
Title refs artistScrapper BlackwellMr Scrapper's Blues1928ChicagoVocalion
Title refs artistWillie McTellMr McTell's Got The Blues1927AtlantaVictor
Artist refs selfArthur CrudupDeath Valley Blues1941ChicagoVictorWear your patent leather slippers, mama put on your mourning gown // You gonna follow poor Crudup down to his buryin' ground
Artist refs selfBarbecue Bob HicksMississippi Heavy Water Blues1927NYCColumbiaThe whole town's a wringin', Robert Hicks is singin'...
Artist refs selfBig Bill BroonzyWhen I Been Drinking1941ChicagoOkehI wants to be taken out of the bed baby, and put in a wheelchair // Roll me anywhere baby, Big Bill don't care // When I've been drinking, yeah when I've been drinking // Now and when I come home baby, please let me lay down in bed
Artist refs selfBig Joe WilliamsHighway 49 Blues1941ChicagoBluebirdMelvina my sweet woman, ooh well well, she don't pay Joe Williams no mind
Artist refs selfBig Joe WilliamsSomeday Baby1941ChicagoBluebirdAin't but the one thing, Sonny Boy, gives Joe Williams the blues: I got on my last pair a shoes
Artist refs selfBlack AceBlack Ace Blues1936Ft WorthARCI am the Black Ace?
Artist refs selfBlind Boy FullerUntrue Blues1937NYCARCNow the way you treat Blind Boy Fuller, g' me bunch a lies
Artist refs selfBlind Boy FullerWorn Out Engine Blues1940NYCVocalionSaid I stepped on your starter babe, praise God your motor turned over slow // If you ain't getting' your right sparklin' woman, praise God call on Blind Boy Fuller for more
Artist refs selfBo Carter[song about broadcasting? Anyone?]
Artist refs selfBrownie McGheeKey To My Door1941ChicagoOkehGot something in my hand, you can get it if you understand // it's the key that unlocks Brownie's door; plus a callout to himself before the 2nd break: "Play it again Brownie"
Artist refs selfBukka WhiteArmy Blues1964MemphisSonetDon't you women start to fussin' and fightin' over me, 'cause Uncle sam didn't leave but one but me behind. If I don't get around to you women in the daytime, old Bukka will be 'round 'fore the sun go down
Artist refs selfCharlie PattonHigh Water Everywhere1929GraftonParamountHigh water done rose at Sumner, drove poor Charlie down the line
Artist refs selfCurley WeaverTicket Agent - similar to McTell's Lord Send Me An Angel1949NYC or AtlantaRegal?That new way of lovin', great God it must be best // 'cause these [?] women won't let Curley Weaver rest
Artist refs selfDan PickettChicago Blues1949Play it, Pickett!
Artist refs selfElmore JamesCrossroad BluesI believe, po' Elmo sinking down
Artist refs selfFrank StokesBunker Hill Blues1929MemphisVictor...that Papa Frank Stokes, he sure can burn it on
Artist refs selfFrank StokesFrank Stokes Dream1929MemphisVictorSo you hear them Frank Stokes blues every where on earth you go
Artist refs selfFurry LewisDon't You Wish Your Mama1962MemphisGeorge MitchellDon't you wish your mama had named you Furry Lewis?
Artist refs selfFurry LewisEverybody's Blues1927ChicagoVocalion[unknown voice at end of verse 1:] Sing it Mr. Furry! // And.. I ain't got nobody to say, 'Furry, where you been?'
Artist refs selfFurry LewisGoin' To Kansas City1961MemphisPrestige/BluesvilleIt takes a rockin' chair to rock, rubber ball to roll, a brownskin woman to satisfy Furry's soul
Artist refs selfFurry LewisRock Island Blues1927ChicagoVocalionI ain't got nobody to say, 'Furry, where you been?'
Artist refs selfGolden Gate QuartetEverytime I Feel The Spirit1939NYCBluebirdAnd if anybody asks you who's singin' so straight, just tell 'em it's a quartet called the Golden Gate
Artist refs selfKid ColeSixth Street Moan1928ChicagoVocalionAnd I swear you gon' miss your Kid Cole, baby baby, when I'm gone
Artist refs selfLightnin' Hopkins[too many to list]
Artist refs selfLittle Hat JonesKentucky Blues1930San AntonioOkehplease don't let them kill Mr. Little Hat dead
Artist refs selfLouis LaskyTeasin' Brown Blues1935ChicagoVocalionShe's got hair like Gloria Swanson and she walks just like Priscilla Dean // 'Cause she's the prettiest woman old Louis has ever seen
Artist refs selfMemphis MinnieMa Rainey1940ChicagoOkehlittle Minnie . .
Artist refs selfPeetie WheatstrawC And A Train Blues1931ChicagoVocalionLord when you haven't seen your girl in a long time, treat you like Peetie Wheatstraw...
Artist refs selfPegleg HowellPapa Stobb Blues1927AtlantaColumbiaAnybody ask you who composed this song, tell 'em Pegleg Howell, I've been here and gone
Artist refs selfRobert (Tim) WilkinsI Do Blues1928MemphisVictor...tell poor Timmy what you please
Artist refs selfRobert JohnsonCross Roads Blues1936San AntonioARCsave poor Bob if you please
Artist refs selfRobert JohnsonKindhearted Woman Blues1936San AntonioARC/Vocalion?make Mr. Johnson drink
Artist refs selfSam McGeeFranklin Blues1926NYCVocalionHello folks, this is Sam McGee from Tennessee, just 'a gettin' right(?). Let's go Sam
Artist refs selfSmokey HarrisonIggly Oggly Blues1929GraftonParamountSweet Papa Smoky, with all the right [sounds here] [ends song with:] Ta ta, Smokey's gone
Artist refs selfSmokey HarrisonSt. Peter's Blues - Part 11929GraftonParamountThis's old Sweet Papa Smoky once more [ends with:] Sweet Papa Smokey's gone
Artist refs selfSmokey HarrisonSt. Peter's Blues - Part 21929GraftonParamountThis's old Sweet Papa Smoky on this record. Thank you for [thinkin' o' me]
Artist refs selfTommy JohnsonLonesome Home Blues1928MemphisVictorI been good at you mama sure Lord killing Tommy
Artist refs selfTommy McClennanNew Highway No. 511940ChicagoBluebirdCome to little Tommy's cabin, it's down on Highway 51
Artist refs selfTroy FergusonCollege Blues1929AtlantaColumbiaThis here's Troy, Cap'n, Troy Ferguson
Artist refs selfWillie McTellBroke Down Engine1933NYCVocalionFeel like a broke down engine mama, ain't got no drivin' wheel // If you've been down and lonesome you know, just how Willie Mac-Tell feels
Artist refs selfWillie McTellLord Send Me An Angel #11933NYCVocalionThat way new of lovin', swear to God it must be best // Oh these Georgia womens won't let Mr Mac-Tell rest. And: So bye bye mama I'll see you some sweet day // you'll be awful sorry you done Mr Mac thisaway
Artist refs selfWillie McTellMr McTell's Got the Blues1927AtlantaVictor
Artist refs selfWillie McTellScarey Day Blues1931AtlantaOkehMy baby got a mojo, she try to keep it hid // But Georgia Bill got somethin' to find that mojo with
Artist refs selfWillie McTellTicket Agent Blues1935ChicagoDecca
Reported speechBukka WhiteSingle Man Blues1963BerkeleyArhoolieI went to the employ' early this morning, find out . . they said "Yes Bukka, there're two or three here you oughta see"
Reported speechCurley WeaverTicket Agent - similar to McTell's Lord Send Me An Angel1949NYC or AtlantaRegal?I went down to the station, with my guitar in my hand // crowd of women run to me, said "Mr Weaver won't you be my man"
Reported speechJohn EstesLawyer Clark Blues1941ChicagoBluebirdHe said "If I just stay out the grave, oh John I'll see you don't go to the pen"
Reported speechTeddy Darby, as Blind "Blues" DarbyHeart Trouble1937ChicagoDeccaAnd they says, "Darby, we'll carry you to hospital #2"
Reported speechTeddy Darby, as Blind "Blues" DarbyThe Girl I left Behind1937ChicagoDeccaI heard Roosevelt Sykes say, "Darby, you are Chicago bound"
Reported speechWillie McTellAtlanta Strut1929AtlantaColumbiaI was goin' down Marrital(?) Avenue the other night, met up with a gang of stags. "Samuel, come on go with me down to the Atlanta Strut tonight. " Well, I don't care to go.
Reported speechWillie McTellLord Send Me An Angel1933NYCVocalionI went down to the shed, with my suitcase in my hand // crowd of women run cryin', "Mr Mac won't you be my man"
Song about artistBig Bill BroonzyJivin' Mr. Fuller's Blues1940ChicagoVocalionI'm going to Durham, North Carolina, Mr Fuller's the man I want to see
Song about artistBill GaitherLife of Leroy Carr1940ChicagoOkeh
Song about artistBlind Boy FullerJivin' Big Bill Blues1939MemphisVocalionSaid I went down in that ol' town, that you call Tennessee, Big Bill's women went crazy over me // I said, Lord have mercy, Big Bill what you goin' to do? // Says I love my baby, that make you so worried and blue
Song about artistBooker T. WashingtonDeath of Bessie Smith1939ChicagoBluebird
Song about artistBrownie McGheeA Letter To lightnin' Hopkins1951NYCJaxI'm Goin' to Houston, Texas, Lightnin' Hopkins's the man I want to see
Song about artistBrownie McGheeBest Of Friends1957Verve/Folkways[about Lead Belly]
Song about artistBrownie McGheeGone But Not Forgotten1958Folkways[about Big Bill Broonzy]
Song about artistBrownie McGheeThe Death of Blind Boy Fuller #1 & #21941ChicagoOkeh
Song about artistBumble Bee SlimDeath of Leroy Carr1935ChicagoDecca
Song about artistBumble Bee SlimLast Respects (Dedicated To The Memory of Leroy Carr)1935ChicagoDecca
Song about artistChampion Jack DupreeDeath of Big Bill Broonzy1959LondonStoryville
Song about artistKing Soloman HillMy Buddy Blind Papa Lemon1932GraftonParamount
Song about artistLead BellyBlind Lemon Blues1934AngolaLoC
Song about artistLead BellyBlind Lemon Memorial Record1944NYCStinson
Song about artistLead BellySilver City Bound1948NYCFolkways[about Lemon]
Song about artistMemphis MinnieMa Rainey1940ChicagoOkeh
Song about artistRev. Emmett DickinsonDeath of Blind Lemon1930GraftonParamount
Song about artistScrapper BlackwellMy Old Pal Blues1935ChicagoChampionDedicated to Leroy Carr
Song about artistWashboard Walter: Walter Taylor, John ByrdWasn't It Sad About Lemon1930GraftonParamount
Artist refs accomp.Arthur CrudupJust Like A Spider1947ChicagoVictorYeah Mr Ransom, play da blues for me...
Artist refs accomp.Arthur CrudupLonesome World To Me1947ChicagoVictorYeah play it Mr Ransom, play it...
Artist refs accomp.Arthur CrudupMy Baby Left Me1950ChicagoVictorYeah Mr Ransom play it for me
Artist refs accomp.Arthur CrudupNever No More Blues1951ChicagoVictorYeah, play it Mr Ransom
Artist refs accomp.Beale Street SheiksJazzin' the Blues1927ChicagoParamountFrank Stokes speaks to "Sane"
Artist refs accomp.Big Joe WilliamsHighway 49 Blues1941ChicagoBluebirdPlay it a while, Sonny Boy. Play it for me. Me and you ain't played together in a long time, boy. Play it for Melvina
Artist refs accomp.Big Joe WilliamsSomeday Baby1941ChicagoBluebirdAin't but the one thing, Sonny Boy, gives Joe Williams the blues: I got on my last pair a shoes
Artist refs accomp.Bill GaitherDo Like I Want To Do1938NYCDeccaDuring the first instrumental break Gaither says "That's Mr. Honey Hill on the piano"
Artist refs accomp.Blind BlakeHastings Street1929RichmondParamountAh Spand, you ain't never been to Detroit in your life
Artist refs accomp.Bumble Bee SlimBricks In My Pillow1935ChicagoVocalionNames Myrtle Jenkins, the pianist on the recording, several times. At the start of the recording, over the piano intro: "This is Myrtle Jenkins at the piano, goin' play these blues for me. Play it Myrtle, 'til I sweat." And later during an instrumental break: "Play it a long time, Myrtle. Get off my back, blues"
Artist refs accomp.Cannon's Jug StompersPretty Mama Blues1929MemphisVictorPlay it boy! "Aw, Mister Lewis"
Artist refs accomp.Cannon's Jug StompersThe Rooster's Crowing Blues1929MemphisVictorSing it Mr Woods, sing it! - Gus urging on Hosea Woods
Artist refs accomp.Casey Bill WeldonBig Bill's Blues1936ChicagoVocalionGood bye Casey Bill I'll see you in another town
Artist refs accomp.Charlie PattonPoor Me1934NYCVocalionBertha Lee
Artist refs accomp.Daddy StovepipeGreenville Strut1931ChicagoVocalionBlow that jug Mississippi Sarah, do it like a dog
Artist refs accomp.Dr. ClaytonAin't Gonna Drink No More194-Come here Mister Lacey. Yeah, let that E string sing a while! Hold it. That's what I'm talkin' about! Listen at ya. Yes, yes, yes! Well that was ALL right - exhorting Willie Lacey
Artist refs accomp.Dr. ClaytonBlack Snake Blues1941ChicagoOkehThe Dr. calls out to "John" (Blind John Davis) to take a piano solo
Artist refs accomp.Dr. ClaytonMy Own Blues1942ChicagoBluebirdToot your horn Mister Ransom, to Ransom Knowling
Artist refs accomp.Ed BellShouting Baby Blues1929NYCQRSPlay that thing, Mr. Clifford! Y' know we're a long way from home--got to play it or walk back home
Artist refs accomp.Geeshie WileyPick Poor Robin Clean1931GraftonParamountHello there, Geeshie. "Hello there, Slack." "What are you doing down here?" - w/Elvie Thomas
Artist refs accomp.Hokum Boys (Broonzy, CBW)Keep Your Mind On It1936ChicagoVocalionHey, Casey Bill. "Hey, Bill." "Keep your mind on it."
Artist refs accomp.Memphis Jug BandHe's In The Jailhouse Now1930MemphisVictorSon was walking down the street, a little chick he chanced to meet, Son being Son Brimmer, aka Will Shade
Artist refs accomp.Memphis Jug BandHe's In The Jailhouse Now1930MemphisVictorUntil he played it with Benny's wife (Benny Ramey?) // And Benny cut him in the face (I say) // Now it's a disgrace (That's all for Benny) // But now he's graveyard bound (How'd Benny do that thing?)
Artist refs accomp.Memphis MinnieThree Times Seven Blues1947ChicagoColumbiaCalls on Ernest Lawlers for a guitar break: "All right, Son Joe." And during the break, to Ransom Knowling: "Don't try to kill me, Mr Ransom. [pause] I'm looking at you." Then to Blind John Davis: "All right, John, baby. Please don't holler so loud. I'm sitting here.
Artist refs accomp.Memphis MinnieWhat's The Matter With The Mill1930ChicagoVocalionHello Minnie. "Hello Kansas Joe"
Artist refs accomp.Sonny Boy WilliamsonGround Hog Blues1941ChicagoBluebirdYes John, you know what I mean? (to Blind John Davis)
Artist refs accomp.Sonny Boy WilliamsonShake Your BoogieAll right, John before a piano break, and "Now John, I got it this time myself" before a harp break, addressing Blind John Davis
Artist refs accomp. & vice versaTampa RedShe Wants To Sell My Monkey1942ChicagoBluebirdSpoken: "Play it Tampa." "Yeah man." "Where'n that monkey you had up there in the cage?" "What man, my gal want to sell it. I'll tell you all about it though." Sings: "Me and my baby keep a fallin' out. But let me tell you Maceo, yes what it's all about. She want to sell my monkey"
Artist refs accomp.Thomas "Barrelhouse Buck" McFarlandI Got To Go Blues1934ChicagoDeccaAs he goes into the instrumental break Buck shouts "Come on, Peter" to the otherwise unknown violinist accompanying Buck's piano and vocals
Artist refs accomp.Thomas "Barrelhouse Buck" McFarlandLamp Post Blues1934ChicagoDeccaAs he goes into the instrumental break Buck shouts "Come on, Peter" to the otherwise unknown violinist accompanying Buck's piano and vocals
Artist refs accomp.Walter DavisIf You Ever Get Lonesome1938AuroraBluebirdCome on up here, Yank Rachell, with that guitar
Artist refs accomp.Willie McTellLet Me Play With Yo' Yo-Yo1933NYCVocalionCurley Weaver, Weaver's girlfriend and his own wife
Accomp. refs artistBig Bill BroonzySaturday Night Rub1930NYCBanner[Music starts, then Frank Brasswell says:] "Hello, Bill!"
Accomp. refs artistCannon's Jug StompersJonestown Blues1929MemphisVictorAw, play it Mr. Lewis - Hosea Woods urging on Noah Lewis
Accomp. refs artistFurry LewisEverybody's Blues1927ChicagoVocalion[unknown voice at end of verse 1:] Sing it Mr. Furry! // And.. I ain't got nobody to say, 'Furry, where you been?'
Accomp. refs artistHenry BrownStomp 'Em Down To The Bricks1929ChicagoBrunswickWait a minute, wait a minute, Ike, get up offa that piano stool. Let Henry Brown play, you know you can't play anything. You won't get up, huh? Well, wait a minute, I'll see if you can't be moved. Come here Mr. Ramrod, come here, come here. Can't you get Ike Rodgers up offa that piano stool? I want Henry Brown to play Stomp It On Down To The Bricks. // Now boot that thing, Henry Brown. That's what I mean. Boot it now. Ah, do it for your Papa Egg Shell now. This is old Reverend Egg Shell himself and it really do sound good to me // Now Old Egg Shell gonna pick his guitar some
Accomp. refs artistJazz GillumGillum's Windy Blues1938AuroraBluebirdBlow that thing, Gillum, blow it - Broonzy(?)
Accomp. refs artistLeroy Carr and Scrapper BlackwellDepression Blues1932NYCVocalionHello Leroy!, "Hello Scrapp!"
Accomp. refs artistScrapper BlackwellTrouble Blues Part 21928ChicagoVocalion[Leroy Carr interjects during Scrapper's first instrumental break:] Say, Mr. Scrapper, that's too tight. Why, you ought to quit it
Accomp. refs artistSonny Terry & Brownie McGhee[too many to list]
Artist refs other artistBill GaitherLife of Leroy Carr1940ChicagoOkehBumble Bee Slim has told you about the death of his closest friend // but I'm going to tell you from the beginning to the end
Artist refs other artistDan PickettChicago Blues1949Don't push your women on down to Memphis, Jim Jackson'll take away from you. And: Well, hello again. say, here's old Tampa Red out here with that gold guitar. Come on out here, boy, let me hear you play that thing some. Yes!
Artist refs other artistLouis LaskyTeasin' Brown Blues1935ChicagoVocalionShe's got hair like Gloria Swanson and she walks just like Priscilla Dean // 'Cause she's the prettiest woman old Louis has ever seen
Artist refs other artistLouisiana RedRed's Dream1962RouletteI said, "You can run the country, I'm gon' run the Senate // I'm gonna make a few changes, put a few soul brothers in it // Ray Charles and Lightnin' Hopkins, and a guy like Jimmy Reed // Bo Diddley and Big Maybelle, all I need" // It was a dream...
Artist refs other artistRobert JohnsonCross Roads Blues1936San friend boy, Willie Brown
Artist refs other artistSonny Boy WilliamsonGround Hog Blues1941ChicagoBluebirdNow I wanna hear some swingin' music, I wanna hear a Fats Waller song
Artist refs other artistSonny Boy WilliamsonYou Can Lead Me1938AuroraBluebirdWanna talk to Mister Walter Davis, I want him to do me a favor // Make me 'quainted with some pretty little girl (note Davis was not on this session)
3rd party refs artistLittle Hat JonesCorpus Blues1929San AntonioOkeh[unknown woman:] Aw, play that thing, Little Hat, that's the talk of the town
Artist refs 3rd partyBarbecue Bob HicksBrown-Skin Gal1927NYCColumbia[Lilllian Glinn:] jus' like Miss Lillian, I mean Miss Glinn you see; she says 'A brown-skin man is just all right with me'
Artist refs 3rd partyMemphis SlimOld Taylor1941ChicagoBluebirdWell, you see Mr. Melrose standing in the floor // He's gonna give us a little drink now just before he goes