New Lovin' Blues

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New Lovin' Blues-Buddy Moss
Dropped-D tuning, one whole step low

Now men, let me tell you
What these double-crossin' womens'll do
Son, they'lll have your buddy, Lord,
Son, play all sick on you

I don't believe no woman
Lord, in this whole round world do right
Act like a angel in the daytime
Buddy, but they're the devil at night

My gal, she got something
Oh, and I don't know what it is
Says, "Papa, when I get in bed", people, says,
"I just can't keep my black self still."

I got a darn good yoyo
Oh, and I mean a darn good yoyo string
Says, that's what I mean, people,
Drive these Georgia womens' heart in pain

Now, my mama, she told me
Ah, when I was a little boy playing mumbepeg,
"Son, don't take no black cow's milk
And don't eat no black hen's egg."

Now, these women, they'll swear
That they love you all your life
And meet a other man 'round the corner, says,
Tell that same lie twice

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