New Lovin' Blues

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New Lovin' Blues-Buddy Moss
Dropped-D tuning, one whole step low

Now men, let me tell you
What these double-crossin' womens'll do
Son, they'lll have your buddy, Lord,
Son, play all sick on you

I don't believe no woman
Lord, in this whole round world do right
Act like a angel in the daytime
Buddy, but they're the devil at night

My gal, she got something
Oh, and I don't know what it is
Says, "Papa, when I get in bed", people, says,
"I just can't keep my black self still."

I got a darn good yoyo
Oh, and I mean a darn good yoyo string
Says, that's what I mean, people,
Drive these Georgia womens' heart in pain

Now, my mama, she told me
Ah, when I was a little boy playing mumble-peg,
"Son, don't take no black cow's milk
And don't eat no black hen's egg."

Now, these women, they'll swear
That they love you all your life
And meet a other man 'round the corner, says,
Tell that same lie twice

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