No. 29

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No. 29-Wesley Wallace
Wesley Wallace, piano in C with narration


SPOKEN: This is the train they call 29. Leavin' out of Cairo, comin' to East St. Louis. Soon as she got in Murphysburg, she blowed that whistle. She blowed her whistle this way: (piano imitates whistle). I caught that train in Murphysburg. I was intendin' to get off in Sparta, Illinois. I mean, that train was runnin'! She wasn't doin' nothin' but runnin', hollerin', somethin' like this: (piano imitates train runnin', hollerin'). Just before she got to Sparta, she thought she'd blow that whistle again. She blowed that whistle somethin' like this: (piano imitates whistle). She's lopin' now. I wanted to get off that train, but she's goin' too fast. I hardly ain't touched one foot on the ground, my heel like to knock my brains out. I always step four or five, right tight . . . and fell off. This is the noise I made when I hit that ground: (piano imitates impact). I'm rollin' now. I got up and waved my hand, told 'em, "Good-bye." This is the way she was cakewalkin' on into East St. Louis: (piano imitates train cakewalkin').

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