Old Joe's Barroom

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Old Joe's Barroom-Dock Boggs
Banjo tuned gCGBD, played in G, Mike Seeger, guitar in G position, standard tuning

I was down at Old Joe's Barroom
A corner by the square
The drinks were served as usual
Well, a goodly crowd was there

On the left stood Joe Mackenzie
His eyes all blood-shot red
He gazed at the crowd about him
Boys, this is what he said

"As I passed St. James Infirmny [sic],
I see my good gal there.
She was all stretch out on a cold white table
So cold, so sweet, so fair."

"I may be killed on the ocean,
May be struck by a stray cannonball.
You can write in life's history
That a woman was the cause of it all."

"If I die, little woman, won't you bury me?
For my tombstone, write the letters in black.
Saying, "There lays my hard-workin' daddy.
Great God, won't you please bring him back."

"I work in these old coal mines
Sundays and all night long.
Tryin' to provide for my wife and baby
But now she's took it and gone."

"Let her go, let her go, God bless her.
She's mine, wherever she may be.
She may travel this whole world over,
She'll never find a pal like me."

"I want eighteen these dice-rollin' hustlers,
Four black-headed women sing a song.
Fill my casket with moonshine whiskey,
So we can drink while the hearse rolls on."

"Oh, now you've heard my story.
I'll take another shot of booze.
If anybody happens to ask you,
You can tell 'em I've got the poker-playing blues."

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