Papa Stobb Blues

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Papa Stobb Blues - Peg Leg Howell and his Gang
Peg Leg, capoed in Spanish, Henry Williams, C position, standard tuning
Eddie Anthony, fiddle

Two freight trains, mama, standin' side by side
The Georgia's a nice one, but the Southern's the best to ride
You can pack my suitcase, hand me all my clothes
Mama, I just stayed last night, said please mama, I stayed outdoors

I hoboed the Southern, I paid on the L & N,
If you see me sober, mama, make me drunk again
It's come on, Taglin [?], please don't weep and moan
Say, your daddy leavin', count the days I'm gone

Mississippi River is long, deep and wide
Got a lovin' sweet mama, she's on the, the other side
Had a mole on her face, it's just below her nose
She's got a tooth in her head, I swear it's solid gold

[fiddle] Mama, she's long and tall like me
I love my sweet rider, don't care where she be
She got Elgin movements, make a panter [sic] squall
I'm so glad my sweet mama ain't got it all

These my blues, I sing 'em as I please
The onliest thing that give my heart ease
I'm goin', sweet mama, to wean you off my mind
You keep your daddy worried, troubled all the time

Anybody ask you who composed this song
Tell 'em Peg Leg Papa been here and gone
I'm leavin', sweet mama, don't you want to go?
I'm gonna take my fary, my buddy and two, three more

My mama she told me when I's twelve years old
Everything glitters, son, it ain't no gold
Be careful, my boy, don't care what you do
These women smile in your face but tain't no friend to you

I whistled to the paper boy, the little boy stopped
"What kind of paper, boy, have you got?"
"I've got the Atlanta Journal, talk about the Mobile Flag
I can tell you what [  ?]

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