Seaboard Stomp

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Seaboard Stomp-Blind Blake
C position, standard tuning

SPOKEN: Now we goin' on one of them old Seaboard stomps. Nobody don't
know how much we enjoy this dance. They had a boy there they
called Piano Charles. He'd say, "Blake!" I said, "What you want,
boy?" He said, "Come over here, I want to hear you, I wanta let you
hear me how to, how I make this Seaboard train come on down the line
on the piano.". I said, "Now I'm gonna come and hear how you do
that, then.". [Guitar imitates piano imitating train.] Now who wouldn't
shake that thing? He had a cornet player there, and when he started
to playin' that cornet, it was too bad, Jim! That's when I lost
my head! That's all--tellin' you the truth! Here's the way that cornet
player played. [Guitar imitates cornet.] Now they had a trombone
player there, he just won't quit. Here's the way he played his
trombone. [Guitar imitates trombone.] That's the time I had to lose
my head, when he done that. Hear the saxophone! [Guitar imitates
saxophone.] I think I'm gonna call this last number, now.

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