She Lied To Me

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She Lied To Me-Emry Arthur
Spanish tuning, at E

Oh, once I had a happy home, good clothes and money to spend
Until my girl went back on me then all my troubles begin

She said she loved some other man and would not marry me
Now since she's turned me down for him I'm lonesome as can be

I never loved no one but her, for her I would have died
But now she loves another man, she has laid me aside

She said I was the only one that she could ever love
But she has lied and done me wrong, as sure as God's above

I never can forget the time when she said we must part
She said her love for me was gone, it almost broke my heart

She always said she loved me more than anyone in the world
But since this stranger came along, he stole my darling girl

Oh, Mary, don't go, don't go, come back and see me once more

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