Skinny Woman

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Skinny Woman-Furry Lewis
Spanish tuning

I don't want, I don't want no skinny woman, I want a woman with plenty meat, Lord,
She can roll all night long, she don't have to stop to rest (Spoken, Booker White: That's solid, there!)
If I ain't doin' no good, baby, Furry's doin' his actual best

I don't need, need no doc', all I need is Mary Tell
I don't need no doctor, just-a send me Mary Tell
That's the onliest woman can ever get old Furry well

Now, don't run, don't tell my brother, don't you tell my brother, Will
God, don't you all run and tell, don't tell my brother, Will
Well, the woman he's lovin', Lord knows, she's gon' get him killed

I'm going town in the mornin', I'm gon' tell that Chief Police
I'm goin' uptown, mornin', I'm 'on'tell that Chief Police
Well, my baby done quit me, and I sure can't see no peace

Boy, that M's, M's for Memphis, that is B for Birmingham
That's (guitar) there's a B for Birmingham
For my baby done quit me, and I just don't give a damn

Now, you take, take me back, baby, and you try me, just one more time
Said, take me back, babe, try me one more time (Spoken, Bob West: We'll take you back, Furry.)
If I do, do to suit you, you can keep me a great long time
If I do to suit you, keep me a great long time
If I don't do to suit you, baby, you can (spoken) start me down the line

I worked for Mr. Charlie, boy, and I worked when he were poor
I worked for Mr. Charlie, Lord, Lord, he were poor
Now, Mr. Charlie don't 'low Furry, work at the camp any more

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